Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pinecone Research

If you've never heard of Pinecone Research, here's
a little info. I've been a member for about a year now,
if your accepted as a new member, they'll email you 
survey's that your eligible to take, and each completed
survey pays $3.00. While that might not seem like a
whole lot, it is one of the top paying, legitimate survey
companies. There is no payout limit, with each survey
they send you, and you complete, they'll mail you a
check for $3.00. After you've been a member for a
little while, they'll offer to pay via PayPal. Also they
will occasionally send you household surveys, which
are much shorter, and are for the purposes of pairing
you up with future surveys. The household surveys do
not pay, but they do enter you into a cash drawing.
Only one person per household can be a member.
They only accept new applications occasionally, and
right now is one of those times. Applying doesn't mean
you'll definitely get in, they will use the application to see
if your what they are looking for right now. The surveys
come on average of 1-3 times per month and vary in
length. Good luck everyone!  Apply here!

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