Sunday, April 1, 2012

Purex Cookie Scented detergent review!

Recently, Purex sent me a bottle of their new detergent for my review, Cookie Scented Purex laundry detergent! I know, I know, I couldn't believe it either, but then there it was, at my door step. The next problem is believing that it could be a good scent for clothing. We've all tried the Cookie scented lip balms and even body sprays, and they always have a weird, waxy, unreal scent. And I must admit I was a little nervous using this product, so I employed my kids' clothing! Hey, the usually smell like cookies anyway, right? :)

I nervously prepared a load of laundry, and then waited. To cut right to the point.. It was a pleasant surprise! When the clothes were in the dryer, the house smelled of home baked chocolate chip cookies! I think that this may be the idea of the product, because the clothes themselves mostly just had a nice clean smell, with just a tiny hint of cookie and without the weird waxy fake smell that I had anticipated. So, if your willing, I'd suggest to try it out at least one time, once they hit the shelves. *Update: APRIL FOOLS! Haha, Purex actually asked us bloggers to help them out with this very funny, yet innocent April Fools Day joke! 

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