Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cream of Wheat

While growing up, Cream of Wheat was ALWAYS one of my favorites. It was definitely a nice switch up from oatmeal, and you can still add so many yummy things to it. Make the plain with butter and salt, or have something sweet and add sugar and milk. The toppings were limitless, sometimes we could even put some chocolate syrup on it! Right now you can try before you buy, and chocolate flavor too! Like Cream of Wheat of facebook and you can request a free sample of their yummy chocolate flavor! One other funny thing, I know some people say it won't work, but it did for me... I've used plain Cream of Wheat to spread around an ant hill in my yard (they love it too) and that takes care of that problem! Haha.... I swear that wasn't an evil laugh, just an accomplished one!

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