Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My very first blog!

        I have been searching all over the internet lately trying to figure out the best thing to blog about. Everything that I came across said write about this, don't write about that. Or title it this, don't title it that. Well the best advice that I have come across is to write about what you do best, or about a hobby. Well my husband and I were just having a conversation the other day about his many hobbies, and my lack there of.

        I realized that the thing I do with most of my free time is searching for samples, and giving product reviews. Many of the things that I use on a daily basis were introduced to me through a sample or a great product review that I have read. So although it's not the fanciest of hobbies, it's what I enjoy doing. I figured maybe I could help out a few people by directing them to a sample or giving a review of something I have tried myself. 

        So the first thing is going to be a review/sample combo. And it's for Pantene Color Hair Solutions Color Preserve Shine. I color my hair at home with non-permanent hair color, because it's much less damaging to your hair. How much does that really matter though, if the hair dye fades so quickly that you have to color it constantly. Well of course you'll need to use a good shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. I tried Pantene's new shampoo and conditioner. It works really well to keep your color strong and your hair shiny. There are so many super expensive shampoo's out there, but I think this works just as well. The smell of it is not too bad. It smells a bit like some of the stuff you get with your hair dye kit, except not as strong. But once you dry it, it get much better. Try it out for yourself at Pantene

This is actually the P&G sampler so you'll get a choice of some other great samples also! Let me know what you think!

*Oct. 1st update*  They no longer have the Pantene samples available but you can still get a great sampler pack from P&G here

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